A champion is a man who gets up when he can´t.

(Jack Dempsey, American boxer and world champion between 1919-26)

Aebi Schmidt Holten B.V.x

04/2010 - 12/2010


Hiring, promoting, dismissing, assessment, rewarding, decision making, budgeting, identification of targets, focus, one-on-one dialogue, innovation, leading and following, managing change, pressure management, negotiating, entrepreneurship, teaching, org. chart, presenting, product management, project management, reporting, team-building, time management, meeting, work life balance, self-reflection.
Customer statement by Alice Spijker, manager welding department, Aebi Schmidt B.V.
Jürgen is a strong coach with a kind nature. He has taught me to stay in touch with my talent, even when it gets difficult on the shop floor.  Over the period of eight months he challenged me not to walk the easy way, but to walk the right way. He is forceful but loving, demanding but patient. He knows exactly what a manager needs and I would definitely choose to employ him again.