A champion is a man who gets up when he can´t.

(Jack Dempsey, American boxer and world champion between 1919-26)

DOC Kaasx

12/2014 - 01/2016

ERP project manager integration retail

Topics: Problem analyses, process definitions, blue prints, KPI’s, change management, team-building, project management, management of ICT supplier.
Content: Sales & forecasting, slicing & packaging, ripening, purchase, transport, field returns, master data, S&OP

Customer statement Bert Blokzijl, SC Director DOC Kaas
Jürgen has got the talent to connect with people and teams and to let these people and teams freely discover and develop their talents. Further, Jürgen knows how to make a solid connection between the process that needs to be changed and the people who need to create that change. He allows people to formulate their own interim goals, schedules, and activities, while adhering to a clearly defined overall goal. Concerning our project, this approach has allowed us to develop our change processes within the established schedule, and we have formed a team  that is ready for further steps toward development and growth. Therefore, I can absolutely endorse Jürgen for any change or development program!