A champion is a man who gets up when he can´t.

(Jack Dempsey, American boxer and world champion between 1919-26)

Multicycle B.V.x

01/2011 - 07/2011

Operational Manager Bikes

E-bike project, test equipment development, dealer service, new product introduction, project leader for whole collection of 2012, organizational development, talent management.
Customer statement by Jan de Jong, Director Multicycle B.V.
Working with Jürgen is a lot of fun! He knows exactly how the bicycle industry works. He is able to push through a process to cost effectiveness, within defined timelines, using simple methods and tools. His remarkable skills bring the absolute best out of people. Jürgen is a very reliable and accurate man who works quickly and efficiently. Working together we learned a lot from Jürgen and we hope to hire him again for our next special project. He is definitely worth the money!